Sometimes, you need a break from the overwhelming vibe of gluttony or the garden but still want to experience the fringe, that is exactly where Carclew Backyard Picnic comes in. If you are unfamiliar with the amazing work Carclew does, they are a cultural organisation and multi-artform which is devoted to supporting and empowering young South Australian Artists under 26.

Hosted at the historic Carclew house, the backyard picnic was fun and entertaining for all. Let me paint a picture, sitting back under the sun on a Saturday afternoon, wine in my hand, live music blessing my ears in the background, and eating my body weight in nachos from the food trucks. Sounds pretty great huh?

The wine wasn’t the best part of the event, without a doubt it was the perfectly curated line-up of artists for the day. Local bands, dance groups and south Australian artists dominated the day. Carclew shows off what they do best by allowing emerging artists to perform all day, which is a blessing for all.

I can’t stress enough, this event is for everyone. They provided food trucks, a bar (my personal fav), workshops for kids (including costume and instrument making), live music and an all-around amazingly chilled vibe. If you want to support artists, experience the fringe and chill out for an afternoon, this is perfect

The Lineup (26th February 2022)

Ricky Albeck & the Belair Line Band

Jess Johns | The Cherry Poppers | Studio Synergy

Thea Lucia Motus Collective 

Kate Lawrence (Roving Artist) | Gig Rig DJs

Instrument & costume making w/ Bait Fridge

MC – Diana Divine

Verdict: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Name of show: Carclew Backyard Picnic

Venue: The Carclew House

Duration: 3 hours

Tickets Full Price: $10.00

Tickets available

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