Marcus Haney is a fence-jumping, security guard-posing 26-year-old who sports fake wristbands and hides for hours in portable toilets… all to avoid paying for festival tickets.

And he’s dam good at it.

Haney has snuck into more than 50 festivals since 2010 and he’s released a documentary titled  No Cameras Allowed, tracking his sly adventures.

Despite a handful of failed attempts, the American’s trespassing entries have been surprisingly low-key and uneventful.

Haney’s journey from California to Europe and beyond saw him forge friendships with bands including The Naked & Famous, while his photographic talents earned him an official role with Mumford & Sons along the way.

His exploits have seen him rise to one of the most sought-after music photographers in the world and there’s no slowing down for the college dropout, who has further production works in the pipeline.

You can scope the No Cameras Allowed trailer below.

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