Fresh 92.7 is giving away stacks of Boost Juice prizes… including a YEAR’S SUPPLY of Boost Juice!

To win, you’ll have to ‘bust a nut’… a coconut to be precise!

Every afternoon from September 14, you’ll have the chance to play Bust A Coconut with Cale. Call 1300 73 73 74 when he opens the lines, and if you’re the first one through to play, you’ll have to choose between two coconuts. Each coconut will contain an exciting Boost Juice prize… but you won’t know which prize is in which coconut until you bust one open!

Some of the prizes up for grabs are:

  • A YEAR’S supply of Boost Juice (worth $468)
  • A visit from the Boost Mobeel (worth $250)
  • A Boost stainless keep cup + voucher (worth $45)
  • A Boost voucher worth $20

Bust A Coconut has all been made possible by Boost Juice. Try a coconut cream smoothie today, they’re totes vegan!

Play Bust A Coconut every weekday on Drive with Cale, 4-7pm Weekdays, between September 14 and September 25.

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