Going to this show, I had no idea what to expect. I had a vague understanding of Burlesque from the 2010 Christina Aguilera movie. The word Idol being synonymous with the TV show that seeks musical talent, my educated guess was a melding of these two ideas. Whilst I was correct in part, nothing could prepare me for what I was about to witness!

From the moment the host Victoria Falconer walked on stage, the laughs began – and the sexiness. She dazzled and sparkled, with the audience captivated. She wasn’t afraid to add a few colourful words in the mix too, after confirming the audience wouldn’t be offended.

We were then entertained by 10 of the best Burlesque performers in the country. What ensued was some of the most innovative and interesting costumes, which ranged from sexy to raunchy. All were Exsquisite.

One of the stand out performances for me was Iris Envy. Her costume was one the sexiest of the night, and she played two sides of her character. Sweet and sexy, and then downright bad. She flipped between the two sides seamlessly and never disappointed.

What I took away from this is there really are a great deal of ways to provocatively undress! Each of the performers brought a uniqueness in their elaborate costume design. The way they untied and removed various parts of the costume to slowly reveal more of their body showed an incredible level of creativity.

Most of the performers somewhat conformed on some level to what I had come to understand of Burlesque. A musical backing with provocative and sexy undress. Somewhat magical.

Until we got to Kitty Litteur.

She was a definite stand out performer on the night. Unlike the others, she brought a different kind of magic to the stage. Real magic. Never have a seen such an incredible mix of sexy, magical wonder and comedy. Kitty provided all of this and more.

Hats off to all involved. This is an extremely elaborate show with incredible performers, amazing outfits and some hilariously funny personalities which left me laughing from start to finish!

The host Victoria Falconer mentioned at the start where you could go to learn to do Burlesque. Now I am giving it some serious consideration!

Rate: 4/5 stars

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