Broken Hill has laid out a coal encrusted red carpet to welcome one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, fellow Aussie Chris Hemsworth.

The long anticipated Mad Max: Fury Road prequel called Furiosa is Hemsworth’s latest project and out of all the locations on planet Earth it’s being filmed in the little old mining town on the border of South Australia. The Aussie actor, who’s most notorious role is the God of Thunder, has ignited a bolt of lightning through the town, having even been spotted at a local café.

Hemsworth has been welcomed with open arms by starstruck residents, and has been socially chummy, taking photos and conversing with locals who have flocked to see him in various spots around the town.

The filming of the newest installment of the Mad Max series has injected $350 million into the state’s economy, but many of the locals are more delighted that their Insta feeds will be filled by personal photos with one of Australia’s prized jewels.

There is word that Broken Hill is installing a beacon that will call to all of the women of Adelaide, imploring them to come and get a glimpse of Hemsworth. Hopefully the filming process is quick for his sake, so he can exit the town unscathed before the beacon is installed.

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