Pinkies up Davo, Tom & Callum, you’re going to Finishing School…

In preparation for the crew’s stay at the lavish Majestic M Suites, Davo, Tom & Callum were graced by the presence of Amanda King; director of Australian Finishing School and etiquette training expert.

Amanda discussed topics like personal image style and society dress codes, basic etiquette and table manners, and overall social etiquette in public spaces.

Callum literally wore the same food-stained top the other week for three days straight so it gives you a sense of the help needed here… In his defence, the stain was from a nice restaurant so that makes a difference.

Amanda’s top tip for personal image and social attire is not wearing anything too revealing, or half of your pajamas… so the team already break that rule every Monday morning.

They also discussed the fundamental rules of hot and cold food, and when the appropriate time to eat actually is! I don’t think 2, 4, 6, 8, bog in don’t wait applies here…

You can listen to the full interview below!

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