Love him or loathe him, and judging by his huge career there are many that do love him, “EDM” star and Spaceman producer Hardwell has announced on his Facebook account that he is stepping away from the CDJs, mixers and other performance gadgetry in order to quit (or suspend) the DJ lifestyle and free himself from the burdens of ceaseless touring, interviews,  and no doubt random hotel rooms and other sundry travelling headaches (like bad souvlakis). Seriously though judging by the burn out seen by other top-level performers (including the very well documented retirement, illness and sad death of Avicci) it is not necessarily the glitzy, fun life that it may appear to be to the outside world.

Music videos and PR would have us believe that our DJ/Producer superstars are living their dream and enjoying every minute of it along the way but just like the victims of what we might call the ‘rock star lifestyle’ who have fallen prey to their vices namely drugs, alcohol, depression, loneliness and anxiety due to the excessive demands of management, tour operators and music label management, it can all get rather too much and can ultimately lead to some rather dark places.

In Hardwell’s case he cites touring as being ” like a never ending rollercoaster ride” and that he has cleared his schedule to become “the person behind the artist and reflect on everything that happened the last few years”. This sounds like a very sensible option and no doubt about it he’s risen to the top of his genre and stayed there for a sustained period which is no mean feat. All being well his fans will get to enjoy him performing again in the near future but for now there’s always Youtube or Spotify to get your fix.

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