So it turns out there might actually be a God. Or at the very least, a person in the sky who wants to bless you with a freshly home delivered Zinger Burger.

Because KFC have teamed up with the actual dreamboats over at Deliveroo to further enable our nationwide addiction to fried chicken by delivering it to us in our cosy, crumb riddled beds.


From this week onwards, over 90 KFC restaurants will offer the home delivery service and let’s all just take a moment to think about what this means:

That by simply touching your phone screen in a few strategic places, a bucket of wicked wings will show up at your door.


“We’ve seen a huge appetite for KFC on Deliveroo, and we’re excited that we can now deliver customers KFC’s freshly prepared chicken straight to their doors, desks or even the park” said Levi Aron, Country Manager of Deliveroo Australia.

We’re glad you’re excited Levi, we’re excited too.

So what’s your go to? Wicked Wings? Twister Combo? Whatever floats your potato gravy boat, all you have to do is jump on to find your nearest restaurant and let your finger lickin’ journey begin.

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