The boys from Brekkie were left without Davo’s supervision this weekend at a charity auction, and let’s just say it was a very expensive evening.

Tom & Callum already stood out like a sore thumb at this lush event, but the boys still made the most of their evening since they’d never attended an auction before, “other than monopoly”, claims Callum.

They thought they’d try their hand at it, with Tom bidding on a potential present for his mum for Mother’s Day. Little did he know the bidding had to start a little higher than $50 dollars, and got laughed at by both the crowd and the auctioneer.

In the end, Tom walked away with a $700 singular boot signed by Neil Kerley, while big spender Callum gets the privilege of attending a lunch for four at Parliament House valued at $1300… How he’ll pay for this? We’ll soon find out. For the mean time, the big boss is spotting him, because he really has no other choice!

Listen to the full story below.

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