Two of the most impactful artists in the Adelaide music scene, Boffa and GRCO are here with their debut single “Flawed”.

The pair come together to create a catchy, slow jam that infuses 90’s Hip-Hop and RnB for the modern generation. Needless to say, this track makes us feel a little nostalgic and we’re so excited to be able to premier it on Fresh 927.

The two have worked their way up in the scene, both releasing their own music consistently for the past few years. The contrast between Boffa’s captivating bars and GRCO’s soulful vocals provides the ultimate collaboration we’re so lucky to have.

The best part is these two are showing no signs of slowing down. Talks of future collaborations together are very much on the table as well as their own solo projects set for the rest of 2022. The incredible GRCO who was featured on our Fresh Off The Block segment last month is off to LA in July taking part in the Vocalize program. And the always amazing Boffa is continuing to release projects such as Spit On The Pavement out now on his YouTube channel.

‘Flawed’ is officially out now on their YouTube channel Today! Make sure you check out Boffa and GRCO in the links.





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