An unlucky festival goer has allegedly been denied entry to Above & Beyond festival and slapped with a six month venue ban over the weekend, after NSW Police searched him for drugs – and literally found nothing on him.

Like, not even some sweet over the counter ibuprofen.

The news comes after NSW Police recently revealed plans to enforce strict new anti-drug policies, which would see punters denied entry to festivals if they were identified by sniffer dogs, even if they had no drugs on them whatsoever.

See these sniffy hounds can suss even the tiniest trace of residue from illicit materials. So even if you don’t have actual drugs on you, if you’ve been anywhere near them in the last week or so, you could see yourself missing out on your very expensive and exciting festival experience.

Response to the Police’s decision to essentially ‘poop on da party’ has been pretty grim, with a post containing an image of the barring document spreading like wildfire over social media.

The cops are however disputing claims that their punishment was too severe, telling that the punter was issued a notice due to ‘bad behaviour’ and that he didn’t even have a ticket to the event.

But a spokeswoman for anti-drug dog campaigners Sniff Off, who saw the barred festival goer just after he was slapped with the notice, rejected the police version of events.

She claims the bloke and his mates had been arguing with the officers, who then conducted a strip search and that’s the reason they were given the notice.
Drama, drama drama.

But it doesn’t stop there. Greens MP shared with that another five would-be festival attendees have contacted his office, reporting similar instances of entry refusal thanks to keen nosed sniffer dogs. But when the police searched them they were found to be clean as whistles.

At this stage people are still debating whether this kind of police intervention is even legal, with the Greens Government looking to take the NSW Police to court over it all.

Watch this space party people.

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