To say the movie Blade Runner is iconic would be an understatement. At its original release over 30 years ago the film didn’t really receive much applause, there was some nods for the set designs and special effects but overall ratings for it were low. Roll forward 30 years and the once lamented movie is now seen as a groundbreaking tour de force with legendary performances from the likes of Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer. The single element of the film though that really did stand out to critics and received great recognition was the soundtrack. Produced by Greek musical genius Vangelis it used symphonic elements fused with classical instruments and extensive usage of synthesizers (which was greatly ahead of its time).

With the recent release of Blade Runner 2049 the might Prog master Dee Montero has reimagined the original theme into a seductive minimalistic prog builder that layers sounds from the movie with a dark and foreboding bassline and swirling synths. It pays homage to the original main theme while giving it a modern twist  (and even gives a wink to other genre masters such as Giorgio Moroder).

Best of all the remix is completely free to download and enjoy so nip on over to Hype to grab yours now.

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