Picture this: You’re at a friends birthday party. You’ve dressed up,  you’re looking the goods and you’ve just nailed the perfect selfie. A “bomb.com” selfie as Davo would say. So the next day you want to post a collection of photos from the evening to wish your lovely friend a happy birthday, which brings you to the dilemma that the team attempted to dissect this morning.

Do you:
A. Post the bomb.com selfie AND some other photos from the evening to send your well wishes
B. Acknowledge the thirst trap for what it is, save it for a rainy day and put all the attention on photos of the birthday girl where it’s deserved?

In true Davo form, she went the former option which led to mass confusion among her friends and left her with a number of unsolicited birthday wishes.

Johnny and Davo roped the whole crew in for this one and the responses were bomb.com (yeah, we’re really hanging on to this phrase).


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