Ben Darsow’s comedy is something of genius, as soon as he stepped on stage he had the whole audience captivated from start to finish. Darsow has honed his skills over years of stage time and that is apparent when you see him perform. When you see his show you don’t feel like you’re watching a comedian more just a personable bloke chatting with the audience and having them in stitches at the same time.

That being said Darsow does have well rehearsed material that dominates on stage. His observations are hilarious and in good taste. Perhaps what impressed me most though was his ability to read the room and naturally bail on a well rehearsed joke if it wasn’t getting the reaction he was looking for. I have never seen a comedian on stage that is more in tune with the audience.

Watching Darsow effortlessly breeze through improvisational crowd interaction is something special. The wit, timing and delivery of his responses can only be seen in top flight comedians. Ben Darsow’s show at the store is a guaranteed hour of non stop laughs.

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