After being crowed Best Comedy at the 2020 Adelaide Fringe expectations were set high for Bella Green is Charging For It and coming from a general sceptic of stand-up comedy, Green delivered.

Bella Green is Charging For It is an insightful yet witty look into Green’s life as a sex worker who knows the ins and the outs of the industry. A show definitely not for the those who are a bit vanilla or find the word moist unsettling.

Right from the get-go Green makes it clear that nothing is off limits or taboo sharing stories from her youth right up until what she recalls as “the other week”.  After having experience working in peep shows, brothels, sex dungeons and of course a big 4 bank call centre, one can expect an effortlessly funny recall of a life most will never experience.

During the show Green bounced well off a lively audience, leaving room within her tight and well-rehearsed set for a bit of banter that delivered just as many laughs as the set itself. Most jokes were well received by the audience; however, some did raise an eyebrow at times (again not for the faint hearted).

The thing that really stood out for me within this show was the educational aspect. As someone not overly familiar with the sex industry, Bella Green is Charging For It was eye opening yet confrontational (in a good way) at times. Green answers common questions about the industry in a witty yet informative way that does get your ticker thinking, leaving you with something to think about on the commute home. She speaks about the double standards experienced in the sex work industry as well the constant fear of her job being criminalised. At the end of the day if the show doesn’t make you laugh, it’ll definitely educate and make you think.

Bella Green is Charging For It is more than just an hour of dirty jokes and banter, 4 out of 5 stars!

Bella Green is Charging For It is running til the 28th of February at The Lark In Gluttony, Tix available here!

Image: Matt Hofmann

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