The Dog & Duck Alehouse, once one of Adelaide’s most thriving venues, has been forced to close with its owner blaming the city’s lockout laws for its demise.

Publican Wally Hodgens believes the introduction of the State Government’s 3am lockout regulations in October 2013 marked the beginning of the end.

“The biggest factor to this decision is the lockout law, it has changed the way people party,” he wrote to the establishment’s 34,000 Facebook fans.

“It has pushed people to go to their local hotels instead of coming into town.”

Hodgens said there were other unfavourable factors at play, including the country’s slow economy and rising rents on his Hindley Street premises.

“There is less money to drink and party… plus you’ve got landlords who are increasing rents in a decreasing market,” he said.

Hodgens questioned the validity of the Labor Government’s violence-curbing measures.

“I didn’t think there was a real problem before, I think it was a bit of a beat up,” he said.

“We probably have noticed less evictions and things but with the dropping turnover, you’d expect that as well.”

Click on the image below to enlarge Hodgens’ Facebook post.

dog and duck

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