So, let’s be honest, 2020 has been an arse, especially here in Australia. Not content with throwing the worst bushfires probably on the face of the planet in the whole of human existence at us, now the Coronovirus has us in lockdown or at least self-isolation.

There are stimulus packages available that are offering some breathing space to certain sectors of the community but those that rely on people making their presence known by coming to hear live music, to enjoy theatre and many other arms of the arts and media are facing a really, really tough time.

Shows canceled locally and globally are damaging people’s careers and the loss of income is ruining the present and the foreseeable future for performers, actors, singers, theatres, bars and the employees and support services (think security, even alcohol and food suppliers). It’s getting real tough.

In order to assess the real costs and the magnitude of the issue the Australian Music Industry Network and the Australian Festival Association have partnered with other industry representatives to set up a new project to try and tally the impact on Australians and to provide an outlet to share their stories.

Originally a concept out of Austin, Texas the site and project is here to give a voice to those that we may not be considering so much when they need it most. Our arts scene is critical to the economy, it’s performers enrich our lives, make our evenings and days out something special to remember and the level of work that goes into a single performance would leave most people lost for words. This is their opportunity to be heard.

If you are a performer or work in a related field the project wants to hear from you so head to ilostmygig and tell Australia how you have been impacted. There are also links out to support programmes as well if you are feeling the strain.


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