Meet South Australia’s most passionate and tattooed local Josh Arbon!

With tattoos of more than a dozen local businesses logos, it was only right Fresh jump on board and convinced Josh to get our logo too!

So, Johnny & Davo agreed to put their blood, sweat, and tears into helping out 12 local SA businesses with whatever they needed. We’re talking cleaning toilets, dancing in costumes on a highway in 30-degree heat, and becoming tradies for the day! And in return, Josh agreed to get the Fresh logo tattooed on him FOREVER. 

And while the guys were out helping local businesses and holding up their end of the deal… Josh was out getting another radio station tattooed on his foot! The ultimate BETRAYAL! 

We weren’t going to let Josh get away with this BETRAYAL that easy, and after a good roasting on-air Josh agreed to let Johnny, Davo, and the Fresh fam choose his punishment! BIG MISTAKE JOSH!

Some of your ideas were so inappropriate we couldn’t even put them on air….have a listen to the ones you came up with below: 

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