APRA AMCOS pair up with Pioneer DJ to give back to artists

Pioneer DJ has contributed so much to the modern music sphere, with their software and products having a huge influence over modern dance music and culture as we know it today. Once again they have come out with some breakthrough technology to bring us one of their most exciting developments to date – a way to provide artists with royalties from music played in venues all over the country.

By teaming up with APRA, the KUVO software (which will be plugged directly into venues) will monitor and report the music played, and will then distribute the royalty fees from venue fees. An app will also be launched that will enable the public to revisit previous sets they have heard at clubs and then purchase the music directly through the software.

The software was recently given the seal of approval from Amsterdam Dance Event which is the biggest dance music conference in the world, and has also been given the clear to go forward in Japan as well as here in Australia. The system will launch in early December 2014, with the app going live next July.

It is expected that if the launch is successful, then other countries will follows suit and the system will be implemented world-wide. This is fantastic news for all of the artists out there, particularly the hard working up-and-comers who are in need of financial recognition. You can learn all about the KUVO software in the video above!

by Emily Angwin

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