In some recent breaking news sources speaking with web resource Digital Music News have identified that the World’s largest digital music retailer Apple is said to be considering scrapping digital downloads. Although it is rather early in the piece and nothing official has been released from Apple HQ apparently reliable reports have been received by the site claiming that Apple are considering a 2 year termination timeline for downloads as they focus the business on streaming services.

With the success of other streaming options including the likes of Pandora and especially Spotify, Apple launched Apple Music which, although it hasn’t rocked the World in any way has made a dent and is continuing to gather momentum. With more and more mobile users opting for bigger data plans and cloud options, carrying a limited amount of gigs of music with you (especially where storage is at a premium) is becoming less attractive, especially when you can stream brand new music so easily.

Digital Music News notes that downloads from iTunes are rapidly dwindling (expected to drop by 25-30% this year alone on top of previous drop of about 16%) and with that in mind as well as a number of other issues including confusing product services and changing media landscapes Apple could well be about to make another major change to their business proposition.

Check the full details here.


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