There’s a special kind of atmosphere that comes with going to a stand-up show on a Wednesday night. It’s hump day and everyone is tired from work, they’re out and about at 9:30 at night while being mindful about getting up early the following morning.

And it’s clear that comedian couple Anne Edmonds and Lloyd Langford were well aware of this while performing their new show, Business with Pleasure. Fortunately, Anne’s energetic dance entrance and Lloyd’s reoccurring joke (delivered in perfect deadpan) managed to bring the audience’s mood up as they shared some hilarious stories about their relationship.

Business with Pleasure was divided amongst Edmond and Langford on stage together sharing some couple banter with the audience, as well as some solo material with different styles of comedy. Watching Edmond’s wild gestures contrast with Langford’s deadpan and still performance was definitely a highlight as they work off each other very well.

As two Melbournites that had to live with each other in a one-bedroom apartment during the 4-month lockdown in 2020, Anne and Lloyd shared some fascinating and relatable stories about their antics, including Anne annoying Lloyd with a walk and yelling “Arancini ball!” And in response to how South Australia handled our 3-day lockdown, Langford simply had to say “That’s not a lockdown, that’s a hangover.”

Fans of Anne Edmonds should get quite a kick out of her solo material as she brought the audience to tears as she shared a story during her time on the reality show, The Real Dirty Dancing, as she completely butchered a joke. She also shared a hysterical scenario of publically shaming people who don’t wear masks. And anyone that enjoyed Langford in Have You Been Paying Attention? should get a kick out of his fantastic observational humour, as well as his story about going to a Fertility clinic. It works in context. Sort of.

Overall, Anne Edmonds & Lloyd Langford – Business With Pleasure is a hilarious glimpse into a comedian couple’s relationship as they share some relatable stories about going crazy during the lockdowns, and some insight into the entertainment world.


Name of show: Anne Edmonds & Lloyd Langford – Business With Pleasure

Venue: The Spiegeltent (The Garden of Unearthly Delights)

Duration: 60 mins

Tickets available here

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