In another example of just how important Social Media can be for artists, Aussie DJ delight Alison Wonderland has added her comments to the ever growing debate about the health of DJs and the impact of life on the road and in the air. In an open letter recently posted to her Facebook page Alison shares her feelings about how her career affects her both mentally and physically describing her life as filled with “extreme highs” and “extreme lows” and “never really feeling settled”. With a grueling tour schedule taking her around the World almost constantly as well as the pressures of producing to meet record label requirements no doubt it is all very full on so it is understandable that it can leave artists feeling, as Alison puts it ” a little.. Umm.. Off”.

With recent admissions from artists including Benga, Sasha, Avicii and most recently Ben Pearce that the lifestyle has ultimately led to serious and complex health issues is it time that managing agents and labels started to take the well-being of their stars into greater consideration?

Read the full text of her letter below and check out Alison’s Facebook page here.

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