So you’ve had a big one. You’ve done the Rundle and Hindley St circuit, and let’s just say you’ve had a drop to drink. What you really need now, like medically, is a decent feed to soak up said drop.

In this time of hazy desperation, it would be easy to assume that your only late night grub options are HJ’S or some sort of falafel nightmare. However you’d be bloody wrong.

And look, this isn’t an attack on HJ’S cos a Whopper with cheese might just be the actual Body of Christ. It’s just that there are plenty of dine-in restaurants that will still serve you well into the wee hours of the morn.

So In no particular order, here’s some of the late-night eateries that will help you soak up that last, possibly ill-advised Sparkling Ale.

THE ORIGINAL PANCAKE KITCHEN – 13 Gilbert Place – 8211 7912

Serving grub 24 hours a day, from the dawn of time until the apocalypse

pancake kithen

I mean, you can’t make a list about late night eating in Adelaide and not include the ridgy didge Pancake Kitchen herself. If the walls could talk in this place, they’d say… ‘Get the German Feast with an extra kransky darlin’ and we’d have to agree.

YING CHOW- 114 Gouger Street, 8211 7998

Serving grub till 12.45 weeknights, 1.00 am weekends


Their fluorescent lighting might be a little unflattering on your haggard face after a big night out, but their food will give you mouth-gasms. Order the shallot pancakes and black bean stir-fry. It’ll change your life.

AUSTRALIAN PIZZA HOUSE – 128 Hindley St – 8410 2966

Serving grub till 5:00 am weekends


There’s nothing like rolling into the APH on Hindley for a slice or two after a night of aggressive jiving at EC’s.

Do yourself a solid and snag yourself the cheesy garlic damper. It’s like being hugged from the inside out.

SCHNITHOUSE – 260 Rundle St – 8232 9222

Serving grub till 12.00 weeknights, 2 am weekends


Nothin like a big ol’ schnitty when ya schnit-faced. Am I right!?! We recommend the parmigiana but let’s face it, it’s all tasty AF.

PIZZA REV- 106 Hindley St, Adelaide – 0433 376 732

Serving grub: Thu: 10PM to 12Midnight, Fri: 8PM to 3AM, Sat: 9:30PM to 6AM, Sun: 12 Midnight to 6:30AM

SVs7T2FbTrmMpWri62fU_Margarita pizza

The Margarita is to die for but on a more important note, does anyone know the secrets behind their strange and mysterious trading hours? I’m genuinely curious.

SAN GIORGIO RISTORANTE – 217 Rundle St – 8223 1700

Serving grub till 12:45 weeknights, 3:45 weekends


It’s the kind of place that’s slightly fancy, but not so fancy that you can’t bring your crying friend Jasmine in for a cheeky carbonara at 2am.

KFC – Somewhere on Hindley St… Opposite Reds maybe? – 8410 8292

Serving grub till 12 am weeknights, 6 am weekends


We recommend the large twister combo with a Pepsi max. The Pepsi really brings out the pepper undertones in the spicy mayo.

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