It’s not a Saturday night out of you don’t see a sea of green electric scooters making their way to Maccas on Hindley Street after a big night out in the clubs. But it is with great regret that I have to inform you this will no longer be the case. I know I’m crying to!!

This sad news came just yesterday, with the Adelaide City Council ceasing the operation permit of our fave scooters since those bloody metal Razor ones we rode back in the day. You know, the scooters that were responsible for giving us major ankle injuries! (I can still feel the pain now)

The council has told Lime to basically pack and up leave within the next few days after the e-scooter company failed to reduce the speed of their scooters in restricted areas such as Hindley St and Rundle Mall.

However, we can still get the chance to roam around the streets in class! Although our beloved green machines are leaving us, the Adelaide council has given permits to two other e-scooter companies! Yes, not just one but two.

Beam and Australian-owned Ride, are the two companies that have assured the council that they will leave the scooters in good conditions and keep them within prescribed boundaries. And a bonus…Ride are eco-friendly, partnering up with EcoCaddy to help charge their scooters!

They will be on trial for a six-month period and you can catch these new rides as early as Monday!

Lime is not giving up though. They are calling for a review of the council’s decision, after their great success in the Adelaide market, but a positive outcome seems unlikely.

So, if you’re out on the town this weekend be sure to soak up one last ride because Lime’s 500 green scooters will be removed by this Sunday #RIP.