If there’s anyhing I’ve learned this Mad March, it’s to just go along for whatever weird, wild ride you’ve gotten yourself into – don’t think too much – and you’ll probably enjoy it. See, that’s the thing about the arts: it’s a very human experience. So what topic more clever to juxtapose it with than Selfies… on Instagram.

An immersive, interactive film experience, SELFIES AFTER DARK had us walking around the streets of Adelaide and using our own Instagram accounts, all as part of the show. Set in some kind of not-so-distant, almost-dystopian future, in a world where your phone is constantly on (and recording), and ‘Instagram Influencers’ have become a whole new profession of actual celebrities, it did actually get me a bit scared. Once I figured out the show didn’t actually have anything to do with Adelaide itself, and was instead a completely fictionalised journey, boy, was I in for a mindf***.

It makes you rethink and challenge the idea of people who make being ‘themselves’ on social media their full-time job. Did they make their personal life a job, or did they turn a job into their life? How removed from their content actually are they, or how real actually is it? Are we all trying to be influencers? WHErE dO WE EVen DrAW ThE LINE?!?

We laugh about insta-culture now at first – the process, the pics, the likes – but even the “OMG, I have to bring my friend who is an influencer to this,” girl in front of me discovered pretty quickly that comedy isn’t that funny when it’s… real. I definitely thought twice before I chucked my #fringe pic up on the ‘gram later that night.

Verdict: ★ ★ ★ 1/2
Once you get it, you won’t stop thinking about it.

I saw SELFIES AFTER DARK on Tue 13 March, 9:00pm @ BRKLYN. You can still catch it at the Fringe on March 15, 16, and 17. Visit fringetix for more info.

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