Imagine yourself in a tent so hot, so dark, with music so loud, watching a guy with a neck wobble and finger point so accurate you might almost forget you’re not inside a Michael Jackson music video. Congratulations, you’ve just visualised the whole-body experience that is Michael Jackson – THE MIRROR and I bet you were so shocked you loved it. Yep, in the world premiere of this show, these guys added an extra night to their season, and it’s not hard to see why.

The Octagon might prove a challenging venue for some, with such a high level of intimacy, but not for these guys. Any unease you might have had about the… cosiness… of the set-up vanishes as soon as they start dancing, and oh boy could they dance good. Like, I’m talking my mouth was open most the show good. Gee, professional entertainers are so great.

There were more costume changes than I could count, and you could practically feel the sexual tension that MJ knew made a good show in the air. Sure, it might have slowed down maybe a bit too much in the middle with the introduction of a giant inflatable globe and a choir, but everything was worth waiting through just for the finale so ghoulish (oops, was that a spoiler?) it warranted an audible exclamation.

But seriously, when there’s two 6-year-olds sitting across from you in the crowd in fedoras and sparkly left-hand gloves, it drives home the extent to which this guy is a legend that transcends generations. Michael Jackson – THE MIRROR honoured every side of him with such heart and integrity. He really is the king of pop.

Verdict: ★ ★ ★ ★
Come for the music, stay for the show.

I saw Michael Jackson – THE MIRROR on Sun 4 March @ The Octagon, Gluttony. It’s season has now ended, but you can still learn more about it on fringetix here.