Fifty Shades of Circus. This is the first thought that ran through my (and presumably everyone else’s) head.

Upon entering the tent, a solitary pole stands centre and, combined with the sultry soundtrack playing overhead, it is almost unavoidable to compare the scene with that of Christan Grey’s ‘playroom’. What ensues is in fact, not too far off.

Cue Private Investigator (as per the Le Noir films that inspire this act), who commands the stage in the traditional trenchcoat (I actually think I have the same one… awkies) and fedora get-up, before swiftly mounting the pole to perform an impressive opening scene to a killer version of The White Stripes’s Seven Nation Army.

Accompanied by a whodunit/murder/gangster storyline loosely weaved throughout, this is good old fashioned circus tricks at their best. From the fire-dancer with the loosest hips I’ve ever seen, to the petite hula-hoop dancer who somehow managed to simultaneously turn the tent into a rave, these are some of the most talented (and sultry) Adelaideans you’ll see at the Fringe this year.
This fact has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the world; they’ve been invited to perform at the San Diego Fringe Festival. So next time you catch this ensemble, they’ll be an Internationally renowned act! (Go Adelaide!)

Go for the Amazing Alliteration (and Pun-ny Poetry), stay for the Jazz version of Rihanna’s smash Umbrella.

Verdict: **** 4 Stars