In this day and age, it is becoming increasingly important to recycle and make sure we are doing our best to keep the environment clean and waste free!

There have been some interesting ideas to crack down on recycling over the years but could this proposal by an Adelaide councillor be the strangest yet??

News came yesterday of the suggestion by councillor, Robert Simms, to introduce see-through recycling bins in an aim to make residents “face their waste” and really think about what they put in their bins.

Ok, I don’t know about you, but I wish I thought about this earlier!

The former Greens senator says although there is already a lot of awareness around recycling, we need to do things differently when it comes to general waste management and this is just another way of encouraging people to do the right thing by the environment.

He also explains how the transparent wheelie bins will make it easier for those who collect bottles and cans for the 10-cent deposit scheme and will also help tourists know how to use our bin system correctly.

However, this news proposal is causing mixed emotions among Adelaidians. Some are in support of the move saying that it will encourage people to take notice of where they throw their waste, as well as increasing the knowledge of what we can actually recycle. Others, however, believe that the concept of see-through bins is an invasion of privacy – then everyone would really know how much wine you go through on a Friday night…

Although, a regional town in Western Australia has already implemented see-through bins as part of a Face Your Waste initiative and it seems to be going pretty well, so it is definitely something that is on the cards for our state.

Mr Simms is planning to lodge a motion to introduce the transparent recycling bins at an Adelaide City Council meeting next Tuesday night.


Photo Cred: Face Your Waste Facebook Page

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