Katie Noonan has announced the release of three sophisticated remixes, including Oisima and Inkswel for her newly released EP Peace Is My Drug. It’s a great celebration of some truly amazing Australian artists.

Oisima, Inkswel and cln are three great, relatively underground, up and coming Australian producers, with Oisima and Inkswel hailing from Adelaide, so it’s sweet to see them getting on board with Katie Noonan to deliver us some amazing mixes.

Oisima has definitely been getting increasing attention over the years, for good reasons; the man rocks. Solid electronic sounds infused with softer hitting instruments, Oisima provides an emotionally connective electronic experience.

Inkswel spent a lot of time in Melbourne, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was locally grown and after taking his remix for a spin, it’s clear to see that Adelaide runs in his veins. Funk and synth driven beats are the names of the game for this mix, which Inkswel plays for great effect.

The story behind these great tunes is the announcement of Katie Noonan’s ‘Peace Is My Drug Tour’, kicking off in Melbourne on the 12th. Here in Adelaide however this announcement of some sweet local talent getting into the pop world for some truly terrific remixes is far more exciting news.

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