Recently, SBS and Blink TV announced that Adelaide’s own electric-soul duo, Electric Fields, are one of the first of four acts to compete at the Gold Coast for Eurovision: Australia Decides this February.

Eurovision: Australia Decides will showcase ten artists from across the country that will partake in a competition against each other for the chance to represent the land down under at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

Electric Fields are made up of Zaachariaha Fielding and Michael Ross, who have made a name for themselves in South Australia and have definitively locked in an awesome opportunity to show a taste of the music created by Adelaidians.

“We want to tell a story on stage with fierce energy that will hopefully shoot through the cameras and out of the TV screens at home,” said the duo in their statement.

What makes this Eurovision unique is that the public will have the chance to participate in voting for their favourite artist.

“The Eurovision Song Contest is the Olympics of camp! It’s a flamboyant spectacle and we’re excited to be part of the first ever Eurovision selection show on home soil.”

Eurovision: Australia Decides will be live February 8-9 at the Gold Coast, and will be broadcast by SBS for the folks at home.

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