One of our old mates on Fresh 92.7, Dr Lane Hinchcliffe, is launching a not for profit virtual GP service on Wednesday, to offer free consultations on adolescent mental health.

Community GP Connect‘ will offer bulk-billed telehealth and telephone consultations aimed at 13 – 25 year olds across Australia. This GP service aims to bring awareness and discussions for mental health as it has been a longstanding issue for youth in South Australia and across the nation, especially during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Community GP will assist South Australian communities in need with a focus on school and aged-care outreach clinics, youth health programs and the health needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“At the moment access to doctors has been hugely reduced – there are less face to face appointments,” says Dr Lane. “It is a real crisis point and we want to offer a solution. They are an age group who are going through so many changes in life not only physically but their mental health, so having this access to a GP is vital.”

“There is a reported increase in people suffering from stress, anxiety, and depressive symptoms due to financial stress, job loss, and insecurity, social isolation due to the strict lockdown measures, change in routine, and the uncertainty of when this will end.”

Dr. Lane has been featured on one of our programs, Wavelength, where he has discussed areas to do with mental health. A couple of his episodes include “How can you stay on top of your mental health?” and “Ask Dr. Lan Anything about Flu Season“.

Community GP Connect launches on Wednesday the 6th of May, appointment bookings can be made here.

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