Santorini, Nice, and Bali. What do these great seaside holiday destinations have in common? They’ve all got beach front bars where you can lounge back while sipping on your cocktail as you watch beach goers come and go. Well Freshies, you can now add our very own Glenelg Beach to those destinations. The City of Holdfast Bay has given the go-ahead for a 350-person venue setting right on Glenelg Beach an off-shoot of the popular Moseley Bar & Kitchen.

The Moseley Beach Club will take up 750 square metres of the beach just north of Glenelg Pier and have its own bar and kitchen. Entertainment will include live acoustic music during the week and DJs on weekends. The bar has been a five-year project which involved with local council, liquor licensing and local residents. This bar will be a welcomed addition to the already popular Glenelg beach and the venue is open to all of the public.

Single sun lounges will come with a $50 minimum spend. Double day-beds can be booked for a maximum four people with a $100 minimum spend. Towels will be provided free or can be purchased for $20. Other areas of the bar will be set out with beanbags and be free from minimum spends, though a $5 entry fee will be charged after 5pm.

This beach bar is a great idea. But will the price be a huge factor of the bar and how it’s received by the public? Will the bar be a success? That’s yet to be seen, but we can take positives from this project: the local councils are willing to give projects like the Glenelg bar a chance and if it’s successful we may see similar projects in the future. I’m very excited for the beach front bar and I hope that is can be a success. The beach bar’s success will open avenues for even more projects like it which will help the city grow into an international holiday destination.

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