Well damn, excuse me as I pick myself off the floor as Swingin’ Burlesque is definitely a show that you need to go experience! As a huge Burlesque advocate, I tried to see as many Burlesque shows and sparkly nipple pasties as possible this Fringe season, but this show in particular was something extremely extraordinary.

Set at the Goodwood Institute theatre, the red velvet chairs and plush curtains only added to the experience of cheekiness and elegance. The MC, one of Adelaide’s leading ladies in the Burlesque scene, Lyra La Belle, captivated her audience within seconds as she oozed sex appeal, vivacious cheekiness and kept the audience begging for more.

The show had an array of Australia’s best performers, with an opening act with none other than Miss Burlesque Australia. The show started with a bang, and ended with a boom and each act was just as talented as the last.

It beautifully demonstrated just how diverse Burlesque can be, with each act bringing their own unique flavour to the art form. Comedy, Sass, confidence, traditional, neo, you name it, and it was there. The costumes were also absolutely beautiful, delicate and captivating, which totally made me want to go spend my life savings on expensive lingerie.

The accompanying band playing live music only heightened the experience and created an energy in the room I can only describe as a collective effervescence.

I’d like to point out how inspiring it was to watch each performer do their thing, as they oozed an empowerment and body confidence one can only aspire to. It’s a breath of fresh air to have women shine in their bodies, whilst also displaying the highest level of talent the Fringe has to offer.

This show is a true ode to the diversity of the art form. If it hasn’t sold out already, snag yourself a ticket as you will not be disappointed.

I give this show 5 out of 5 stars!


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