If you know someone or you personally have a talent in the arts who have been itching for the chance to show off your talents, then look no further, the brand new festival FestXpress could give you that very spotlight.

Starting on the 16th of August and finishing till the 31st of August, FestXpress will give local artists a platform to produce their own show, perform it on stage in front of friends, family and the public, plus you will have access for support and mentoring from the organisers.

“There is so much homegrown talent right here in SA and we want to give people the opportunity to be a part of something,” says FestXpress founder, Mark Charrett. “There’s no festival in Adelaide to give those the opportunity to have a shot something without being in the big league or competing with international artists which is why we’ve created FestXpress.”

FestXpress will feature a very diverse range of the forms of art people can perform, ranging from solo musicians, local bands, acting, dancing, stand up comedy and so much more. So picture an even more grassroots version of the Adelaide Fringe.

So if you are someone who either has a hidden talent, want to kick off your career in a big way or you want the chance to perform on a stage in front of a crowd, then there isn’t a more ideal opportunity then FestXpress.

Registration is available from the 7th of June until the 7th of July, but until then, expression of interest is available here.

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