A former Freshie is doing the Lord’s work: bringing live music back to South Aussie television.

Jam LIVE, recorded live and guaranteeing you a front-row seat at the most exclusive gigs, music festivals and concert locations, hits your screens live and in stereo this Saturday at 4.30pm on Nine Adelaide.

Presented by Shanelle Franklin, who used to do Brekky on Fresh a few years ago, Jam LIVE is Adelaide’s only local music TV show. It’ll bring live performances from gigs all around Adelaide, introducing viewers to brand new artists and showcasing performances from well-known faves that don’t need any introduction.

“It is designed to get people excited about live music and back into supporting local artists, touring artists, and the venues and festivals who put these artists on,” Franklin said.

Capturing the best that our local music and touring artists have to offer, Jam LIVE will feature live performances from Regurgitator, Tired Lion, West Thebarton, San Cisco, Dean Lewis, Josh Cashman, Boo Seeka and more.

“There are some great music programs which show video clips, but we are here to bring you the live performance, which is something completely different to what is currently on TV. We aim to showcase live music, be a fly on the wall, and capture the magic for the viewer,” Franklin said.

Australia as a whole has very few opportunities for showcasing live music – so for Adelaide to lead the charge like this is absolutely huge!

JAM Live airs this Saturday June 23 from 4:30pm on Nine Adelaide.

Keep up with JAM Live on FacebookTwitter and Instagram – and if you miss it, watch on 9Now!


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