There’s something quite unique about literally being directed with arrows towards the small art gallery Fly by Fly Studios. But inside the studio space on Wright Street was an immersively powerful screening that puts you in the shoes of the homeless and being a rough sleeper.
You know you’re in for an interesting experience when the creator of 7 Day Notice, filmmaker and social worker Nathan March, expresses that the screening is confronting and has themes that are not for the faint of heart. Before 7 Day Notice is even shown, March asks the audience to pick an item scattered across a table that is the most sentimental, as well as a character description card.
As the audience sits on chairs awaiting a screening about the homeless in S0uth Australia, March says that chairs represent homes, and in order to make the experience immersive, we are then asked to sit on crates, with added cardboard to make it more “comforting” and “privileged.”
The documentary shares stories of a wide variety of people sleeping on the street and the intimate studio setting create a powerful experience for the tragic day-to-day challenges faced by Adelaide’s homeless community. The people in 7 Day Notice share stories on how they became homeless, the struggles of addiction, the challenges of getting by, their opinions of COVID-19, as well as how the homeless community creates a more welcoming environment.
Overall, 7 Day Notice is a very unique and powerful look at the homeless community in South Australia, allowing the audience to not only watch the experience but actually feel what it’s like to be a rough sleeper. But as Nathan March said, it’s very confronting.


Name of show: 7 Day Notice

Venue: Fly By Fly Studio

Duration: 45 mins

Tickets available here

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