Matador from start to finish was a fiery, passionate and power fuelled venture of love and desire between the bull and the Matador! Across the stage spilled strong gorgeous women and men of all cultures and sexualities. The show carries you through the emotions of love and loss with impressive sky flying circus acts and contemporary dance. It even includes a sensual strip tease, while swinging off of bull shaped horns! It truly is as sexy as it sounds.

Mainly, I was impressed by the amount of outfit changes seen throughout the show! The women were dripping in soft delicate bejewelled lingerie, fit with corsets and the occasional leather strap and buckles. The men stomped onto the stage in sexy six inch black heels, bondage, blindfolds and of course the bull was fit with some mighty horns.

Same sex intimate dance routines told stories of heartbreak and infatuation. The emotion, that was portrayed through facial expressions, encapsulated your attention and fixed your eyes on each performer’s soul. The dancers hit every beat, gasp for air and slight hand tremble without hesitation. Although, sadly, a lot of the theme was lost under out of theme music and thrown together middle pieces, slightly losing its coherency. 

The overall message of the night was unity, friendship and love coming in any form. The performance is mostly dance driven and is quite highly priced in comparison to other shows with more circus type performances. It’s a show for both men and women to enjoy. If you’re looking for some heart pulling storytelling through dance with a hint of circustry then look no further! I rate this show a 3.8/5 


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