If you’ve previously experienced a 360 AllStars show, then you’ll know exactly how much talent is coming your way.

Following the same format as previous years, seven ultra-talented, seemingly super-human lads (who aren’t particularly difficult on the eyes), show off their incredible abilities in Beat-Boxing, BMX Flatlanding, Break-Dancing, Drumming, Cyr Wheeling, Basketball Tricks, and generally entertaining tomfoolery.

Producer and founder Gene Peterson is back, destroying his drumkit with his magical hands – and somehow simultaneously plays the keyboard to produce his own one-man band. BBoys Leerok and Sette engage in a video-game inspired battle. New Zealand X Factor winner Beau Monga provides a majority of the show’s soundtrack – FROM HIS MOUTH. Rowan Thomas performs a beautifully understated contemporary dance routine with his Cyr Wheel. Belgian Bavo cheekily plays with multiple balls onstage, and Pete Sore aptly performs dizzying 360 tricks on his BMX.

With three new kids joining the ranks this year (including Guiness World Record Holders and World Champions), expect to be thoroughly entertained, blown away, stressed out (is that showing my age?!), humoured, and very, very impressed.

Having already performed a show earlier in the day, it is even more impressive that they were able to maintain such a high energy level. Mate, I can barely make it to the treadmill after a shift at work.

The Allstars are currently on a huge tour performing 100 shows in 114 days. And I tell you what – if any of those shows are even half as entertaining as the one I sat through, then audiences are in for an absolute treat.

360 Allstars are performing at The Moa in Gluttony until Sunday March 17. Tickets from here.

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