Paris Hilton is an award-winning DJ. Let that sink in for a moment, then read on…


Everybody’s favourite amateur porn star has recently added another accomplishment to her CV – NRJ Female DJ of the year. For so long, Paris has struggled to be taken seriously in the world of music production. Many people cruelly wrote her off as a billionaire moron with an iPod and a lust for attention, but now there is a plastic trophy to prove that she is the best female DJ of 2014.


Well, there are a few little conditions that are worth mentioning. To begin with, the award is not necessarily the pinnacle accolade in the world of DJ’ing. NRJ is a French radio station, and the award is based entirely on votes from its audience of French teenagers. There is also the fact that very few of the other award recipients bothered to turn up, and several had not heard of them. Oh, and the award is officially entitled, “Women’s Newcomer of the Year”, so you could argue that it was simply a slow year for emerging talent.


Still, at least old mate Deadmau5 was quick to congratulate Ms Hilton, tweeting, “Congrats on the NRJ award. What the f*** is an NRJ award?”. FINALLY, some industry recognition for the sterling work of DJ Paris. Next time she decides to hit the decks on the Ellen DeGeneres’s show, she can flash her fancy trophy and hike her fee to match Calvin Harris or Hardwell. As huge supporters of the genius that is Paris Hilton, we here at Fresh927 would like to extend our own congratulations, and politely request that she remain safely on the other side of the world. Finally, to the French teenagers who voted her as the best female DJ of 2014, we recommend that you try listening to the music of literally any other female DJ on the planet. We think it might sway your vote.

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