Oh. Em. Gee! There he/she is! The girl/guy of your dreams! You always knew Tinder would be the app to find your soul-mate, and finally that day has arrived! But wait… disaster! In your fever of excitement, you accidentally swiped LEFT. Now you are doomed to die miserable and alone in a house full of cats with only the memory of that perfect face to keep you warm at night. Once you swipe left, the person on your screen ceases to exist. Every Tinder user know that.


How many lives have been ruined by this simple swiping error? How many people have accidentally flicked the love of their life into the dark void of “Lefthand Side of Screen”? This cycle of tragedy must end, and the Gods of Tinder are here to answer your prayers. Sean Rad – the co-founder of Tinder and Supreme Administrator of Casual Sex – recently announced that the app will soon feature… an UNDO button! Suddenly there is a light through the clouds; you can save your future wife/husband from the left-swipe oblivion, and bring them back into your life. Well, onto your screen anyway.


Speaking of this new feature, Sean observed that, “Everyone has wanted it from the beginning”. Tinder has listened to this demand from their users, and those who pay for the new premium version (Tinder Plus) will now be able to “undo” their mis-swipes. This new paid service will also add an option called “Passport”, which allows users to search beyond their geographic location for potential love matches. If you’ve ever thought, “gee, I wish I could travel a lot further for anonymous casual intercourse”, this feature is sure to impress.


All jokes aside, it is great to see an app developer listening to their community and improving their feature set. We’re sure it will be greatly appreciated by those who opt for the new premium version. For now, happy Tinder-ing, kids.

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