Do you remember “10 Things I Hate About You” when Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger fall in love over an afternoon of paintball, where they’re smearing each other’s faces and bodies with paint? Well I do! And Hand in Hand has finally brought this childhood memory of mine to life (squee!)

Vertical Insanity Circus are no strangers to the Adelaide Fringe – particularly given they’re a local act who also call Adelaide home!

If like me, you regularly frequent Circus and Physical Theatre acts at the Fringe, then you’ll no doubt recognize Alex, Taz, Zoe, Maggie, Sam and Tommy from one of their previous outings: Trapped (2015 & 2016), Mortal Sins (2016), or Try Again (2016 & 2017).

Whether you’re a Vertical Insanity virgin or not, you’re in for a delightful 50 minutes. Hand in Hand is their latest offering, and is a lovely mix of the acrobatics you’d come to expect from an Adelaide Fringe Circus show, intertwined with an underlying commentary on social interactions. I actually got teary during one of their acts.

There’s plenty of super fun tricks and mischief on display, from their “first three-high”, to sweet juggling juggernaut Maggie (whose routine literally made me LOL), to a kind of disgusting but hilariously entertaining ping-pong ball bit, these kids are well on their way to establishing themselves in the acrobatic circuit.

With an impressive display of strength and vulnerability, visually-pleasing interspersions of colour (thank you body paint), and an absolutely kick-ass soundtrack to boot, Hand in Hand will plaster a smile on your face that you’ll find difficult to wipe off.


Hand in Hand is playing at Empyrean in Gluttony, Tuesday to Sunday nights until March 17. Tickets from here.

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