Last year we had producers from all over the world taking classic tracks from the 90’s and turning them into absolute bangers. A top example of this was Joe Stone’s remix of ‘This is How We Do It‘ by Montell Jordan and turning it into a club track that blew us all away with it’s smooth beat and fast-track vocals.

Well Zac Waters and Amir have followed in Stone’s footsteps and created a remix of Robert Mile’s old-school Trance track ‘Children’ which was released in 1995. If you don’t remember what the original track sounded like, check it out right here.

Using his signature genre ‘Meltrance’ (Melbourne Bounce & Trance), Waters, along with Amir has released an absolute ripper of a track that pays homage to the original mix by emphasising the signature keyboard hook. Waters explained that he received support from fellow producer MaRLo in bringing this mix to life and pays full credit to Miles for the original track.

While it was released less than a week ago it’s already received over 40,000 hits on Soundcloud. And get this, it’s free to download!! Click on the link below to listen or download here and enjoy this brilliant homage.