On Wednesday, October 25, we changed it up a little bit. For the entire day, we delved deep into the Fresh archives to bring you all the classics you used to hear on Fresh and in the clubs back in the day, for a little thing we called Windback Wednesday. Our text line, Snapchat, and social media accounts absolutely blew up with how hard you were frothing it:

Windback Wednesday was originally a one-off thing… but y’all have been loud and clear in wanting it back. So, that’s EXACTLY WHAT WE’RE DOING!

Tune in from 8am, Wednesday November 15 as we dive back into the Fresh archives and play you nothing but the most absolute classic tunes you were raving to on Fresh and in the clubs when you were young! We’ll even have a special guest along for the ride this time 😉

We’ve put together a special Spotify playlist with some of the tunes we played last Windback Wednesday to get you excited. Which other tunes do we need to play? Any of these tunes we should bring out again? Text us on 0428 927 927, message us via the App, or hit our Facebook inbox and let us know!