ICYMI, I Choose SA Day went down not too long ago on October 21. It was mega fun, but who said celebrating locality was for just one day a year? Here at Fresh, we do it, like, every 10 minutes. Seriously.

That’s why we aren’t stopping there. We’ve teamed up with Brand South Australia to bring you Tuesday Choosedays. Starting on November 7, Cam & Alex will give one lucky caller the opportunity to win one of two South Australian products, every Tuesday, for 4 weeks. The catch? The choice of prize isn’t up to them… It’s up to the Fresh 92.7 listenership!

Okay, if you’re the caller we will give you the opportunity to plead your case as to which prize you’d like, but once the options have been revealed, our listeners will be voting in via text until 6PM to choose which one you’ll actually win. Yep, if you’re aren’t the lucky bugga who gets through, you can still sabotage the winner’s wish… or, I mean, help them out…

The chosen prize will then be revealed during Breakfast the following day (each Wednesday). The best part? All voters will go into the draw to win one of the un-claimed prizes at the end of the promo! What are the prizes? Well you’ll just have to wait and see!



Sponsored by ‘I Choose SA’ – be part of the celebration!
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