Just imagine… no more waiting for your mum to pick you up from Reds in her dressing gown. No more catching the bus like a peasant.

Because… we’re giving away a bunch of $500 Adelaide Independent Taxi Vouchers!

Yep. That’s $500 worth of free taxi rides to take advantage of whenever you need – not a bad prize, right?

It’s super easy to get your hands on, too. Make sure you’re listening to Drive in the afternoons, and when you hear a taxi horn go off, text “TAXI,your name and date of birth to 0428 927 927 to go into the draw!

Then, listen to Ryley on Friday to find out if you’ve won five hundred dollars’ worth of sweet, luxurious, already-paid-for taxi rides home… or wherever else you might be going. We won’t judge.

This competition is all sponsored by Adelaide Independent Taxis – Download the new app, or call 13 22 11 TODAY!