Morning Show

Thom and Laura are your BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW weekend brekky show. It’s not that they’re the best ones for the job, it’s that they’re the ONLY ones for the job. Who else wants to get up at 6am on a Saturday??

Well…if you ARE up, catch the guys on air every Saturday morning from 8-10 and get to know quite possibly two of the most strangely interesting people EVER. Somehow they BOTH manage to find themselves in situations that involves everything from flashing, to weird mates and housemates, to other stories we’re not allowed to write about because I think the law is involved.

Thom is a deeply interesting cat, witty, very dry, (sometimes) articulate, loves a good yarn and quite often nobody is actually able to decipher what he’s saying, or keep up with what he’s on about. He’s a singer and a producer and will try at any opportunity to get a song of his own on the air, so listen out for these…

Laura is your artsy, creative and (very) dramatic type. She often seems to have extremely buttery fingers, because names just keep dropping from her grasp. She’s met Ellen guys…like, ACTUAL Ellen! Ask her about it. If you don’t, she’ll tell you anyway! She keeps herself VERY busy between her studies, her acting work and her radio show, she’s the girl next door who loves to rub shoulders with the rich & famous. OMG…Does that mean Thom is rich and famous?

Anyway, check out our new darlings of weekend radio (we promise it will be worth your precious sleeping hours).