It’s no secret that Aussies have our own slang which amuses and puzzles foreigners every day. But because that wasn’t enough, us Adelaideans decided to add our own touch to it, by creating phrases that are unique to SA. So here we are, Aussies confusing other Aussies with our unique lingo and posh accent that seems to be native to South Australia.

This week on Wavelength we spoke to Ghil’ad Zuckerman, a professor of linguistics at Adelaide Uni, to have a little chat about the of the quirks of our dialect and why compared to the rest of the country, we’re actually ‘heaps good’.

Although our slang doesn’t prove to be too much of a communication barrier, we know there’s definitely one thing we can’t wrap our heads around: beer serving sizes. But don’t worry, if you want to learn how to order a beer anywhere else in Aus, Loz is here to help. Have a listen below.

So what’s your favourite bit of Adelaide lingo? And if ANYONE can tell us what “jab on rosina” means please let us know.

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