A study released by the Australian Human rights commission has surveyed over 30,000 university students nationwide from 39 universities. The study has found that a significant amount of students have been sexually harassed and some even assaulted. In the past year alone half of the students surveyed reported that they were either harassed of assaulted. To put that in perspective out of a class of 100 on average 20 of those students have been sexually harassed and one of those students assaulted.

On Wavelength, we interviewed Lucy a victim of sexual assault and asked about her experience. Her story is in the audio and it’s quite harrowing. When asked about the statistics from the survey she says “sadly it doesn’t surprise me” and that “people just aren’t informed about it enough ”

Bridget Kerry Investigates the study, what universities are doing to solve the problem and what support the universities provide for students. She interviews the vice chancellor of The University of Adelaide Mike Brooks and what they are doing to tackle the issue. His response “The results are very concerning and for us, zero tolerance is what we have to sexual harassment” Listen to the full story below.

If you or someone you know has been sexually assaulted you can call Yarrow Place for 24-hour support, counselling and advice on 1800 817 421 toll-free. Every call is confidential. 

Contact SA Health for advice here.