Monday, August 7 2017

You guys know that here at Fresh we love music, but we have a soft spot for all of Adelaide’s festivals too. So we’re very excited that this month is the beginning of the SALA Festival in Adelaide. And this year we know it’s going to be big, because it’s SALA’s 20th anniversary! That’s 20 huge years celebrating all things visual art including photography, painting, sculpture, performance art and so much more.

Adelaide has such a strong community vibe when it’s festival time, and that’s why almost everyone in Adelaide is getting involved this year. With more than 560 venues from pubs and cafes to wineries, bookshops and even cemeteries being transformed into pop-up art galleries presenting amazing work from more than 6200 artists!

We had a chat with Monica Prichard who is co-organising SALA in the East End and Mia Van Den Bos, the co-ordinator of Fran Festival, because SALA is so big it even has mini festivals within it!

To hear what this years SALA is all about have a listen below.

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