Wavelength, sparking the convos you should be having here in Adelaide every Monday night from 6. We’re back from the public holiday, telling the stories behind gender diversity in schools, starting up a business in Adelaide and the calici virus affecting our rabbit population.

Schools in South Australia have started to introduce some new regulations and procedures to help support kids coming out as transgender or gender diverse. We analysed these new regulations and spoke to a transgender man about what it’s like to go through school as a gender diverse person.

The Adelaide Start-up scene is an up and coming hub for entrepreneurs, with promising and innovative companies Exclusive to SA. Jovanna interviewed, the Moonshine Laboratory, an incubator where they help start-ups grow. And also The Crepe Cart, a local start up who have gained traction and many customers. Listen in to find out what learnt Jovanna about the Adelaide Start-Up Scene.

Rabbit owners, meat suppliers and domestic rabbit breeders are up in arms over the new national release of the Korean strain of the calicivirus, known as the RHDV1 K5, in a bid to reduce the numbers of wild rabbits. The government says the calici virus vaccine is protective against the K5 strain, however not everyone is convinced.

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